Let Tom’s Keen Insight Make a Difference in Your Future.

As a results-oriented professional restaurant advisor, the president of The Leadership Roundtable Conference, and as a forceful industry keynote speaker, Tom’s timely and relevant insights cover every aspect of hospitality and foodservice management.

Through its most challenging times, and in it most dynamic periods of fast-track growth – as it has grown from an $8 billion-a-year eat-out business to a multi-billion-dollar-a-year mega marketplace Tom has been on the leading edge of creativity and worldwide influence of the industry.


Tom Haas is One of a Kind.

  • Sales, promotion & marketing strategies.
  • Product & concept evaluations
  • Strategic analysis
  • Operator franchising opportunity development
  • Supplier implementation – staying significant to your customers


As a Publisher

As a leading authority in the food service industry Tom Haas is responsible for advancing the significance of Institutional Distribution magazine through tidal shifts of systemic changes and the evolution of broad line distribution and nationwide consolidation.

Totally redefining the scope and influence of Nation’s Restaurant News – converting it to a powerful weekly journal – "The Newspaper of the Foodservice Industry" – a resource that professionals in every segment of the industry could turn to for current news, germane reports and editorials directly affecting their business.

Expanding the publication’s relevance to its readers by bringing industry’s most successful leaders together to share ideas and creative growth strategies at its annually sponsored Multi-Unit Foodservice Operators Conference. He introduced the national Fine Dining Hall of Fame, the Annual “Operator of the Year” and “Foodservice Pioneer of the Year” honors by which exemplary culinary and leadership excellence was to be recognized and promoted.

Tom additionally expanded NRN’s role as a catalyst for success by launching its annual Presidents’ Conference – 30-plus years ago, bringing the most influential CEO’s together for the benefit and advancement of the whole industry.

Management Consultant

Tom has played key roles in such highly respected foodservice organizations as CFS Continental, Rykoff/Sexton and ECOLAB. Haas received Ecolab's President's Pewter Plate Award and was the only non employee to receive this honor. Tom has had the privilege to represent Steak n Shake, Delaware North, Golden Corral as well as his newest client Revenue Management Solutions.

As a "Go To" Resource in 2015 and Beyond

Meeting the ever-changing dynamics and challenges of today’s foodservice industry, The Haaspitality Group combines the lessons and achievements its successful past experience with a contemporary "Thinking Outside the Box" approach to future planning.

New Perspectives on Success

In his keynote speeches and customized presentations, Tom covers every aspect of hospitality and foodservice management. Tom will have major impact at your next meeting of:

Corporate & Unit Management • Franchisees
Supply-side Sales & Marketing Professionals

  • "An Industry Icon"
  • "Unparalleled in his first-hand knowledge of the essential qualities leadership"
  • "Tom’s visions and insights are delivered in a package that includes humor and sharply-focused good advice."
  • "Tom’s imperatives for success had indelible influence on our unit management and our development program."