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Addressing Hospitality Professionals:

  • “How Successful Leaders Lead & Succeed in Good Times and Bad.”
    (“They don’t just fix things – they raise the bar.”)
  • “Where’s the Experience?
    (“Remember the fun, the culinary satisfaction and the value that worked so
    well? Don’t let expansion, absentee management or downward market
    conditions diminish those values.”)
  • “Key Words in The Retail Mindset”
    (“Customer Consciousness, Vision, Passion, Entrepreneurship, Teamwork – just
    a few of the words that differentiate leadership and sustained success.”)
  • “Quality Pays”
    (“How can there be an alternative? Quality is a by-product of leadership and vision – and a constant commitment to the customer.”)

Addressing Foodservice Suppliers:

  • Lessons from the Leaders: Focus on Results, Not on Tasks.
    (Take it from Tom: “Partnering with your customers is not just a catchy phrase, it’s a
    long-range commitment – with an eye on the big picture.”)
  • What’s Your Point?
    (“What’s your mission and what’s in it for your customer? If that’s not clear in your
    organization, fix it or lose the game. How to deliver solutions day in and day out.”)
  • Myths that Haunt the Process.
    (“Barking up the wrong tree is the most common error I’ve seen in my 30+ years in
    the business. Let’s review what’s most often the cause – misconceptions and blind
    obedience to old ideas and false idols.”)
  • “Quality Pays”
    (“If you value quality – in product and service – you value your customer. And you
    value yourself. There’s no other strategy that’s been proven as well or as often.”)